2016 - The Year of Scratch


In 2016, our goal will be to build young coders from scratch – literally. Scratch is one of the most popular coding tools for kids, and it's designed to help students with little to no coding experience dive headfirst into programming. Essentially, the software lets students create animations and stories with building blocks that mimic the structure of computer code.

They really seem to engage with the big ideas of programming – problem solving, thinking mathematically and using logic and reasoning. It’s the practical application of those ideas and the creative thinking required to solve authentic problems that forms the basis of a truly engaging learning experience.  

Code Kids Rock Instructors will provide our students with hands-on teaching instruction that will enable your child to learn at their own pace.


Benefits of Scratch

Algebraic Thinking - Algebraic Thinking is when you know how to do one thing and then are able to do another thing in a completely different environment with different variables.

Development Skills - Information and communication skills, thinking and problem solving and interpersonal & self-directional skills.

Types of Scratch We Will Cover


Animations are a popular type of project made by Scratchers. They consist of a varying number of costumes played back and forth in rapid succession to create a movie or something to that effect. They have been made to represent day-to-day life, fantasy stories, comedies, and much more.


Games are the most common project type. Because of Scratch's large field of possibilities, many classics have been recreated — from Pacman to Mario, or from racing tracks to scavenger hunts. These also are popular, giving skilled programmers a large group of fans.


Simulations are rather rare, but are of high quality. There have been physics, weather, gravity, 3D simulations — almost everything has been created, including odder simulations that relate to snowflakes, cannons, bubbles, rotation — despite the small amount of simulations, they vary greatly.


The music that Scratch encourages most of all is the type that has been created with only the sound blocks. Scratch utilizes the MIDI sound bank installed on a system allowing users to play up to 128 instruments, which allows users to play notes with theme while adjusting the volume and tempo.


One of the main purposes of Scratch was for users to create their own games, stories, and interactive art. Most art has been interactive in the past, but we have noticed a recent trend in non-interactive art projects, which provides another outlet for students to express themselves.


These projects are very rare, as most of them fit into the Animation category. The remaining ones are usually interactive, such as an adventure. But some stories are very different, such as many costumes and backdrops displaying a book.